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Top Chef Predictions - Abby


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I too read/am reading the bios for the new chef-testants of Top Chef. I'm a huge fan of this show and I really hope this season is similar to Hung's season (Hung = <3). Last season was very disappointing and I hope Bravo redeems themselves (itself?) with a better season. Now I'm not a chef, but I am snarky and judgmental so I'm the perfect viewer. I'm the person that will quickly point out who sucked, even though if I were in that same situation I would suck/panic. Then again, I wouldn't actually put myself in this situation sooo...
Back to the judging.
I'm reading each person's bio as we speak. Or, really, as I write. I've just read Alex's. His stance makes him seem kind of d-baggish, but I'm excited that he loves to cook all things duck. Plus he was born in Madrid and all Spaniards are cool in my book, so now he gets to stay for another week.
Onto Ariane. I'm not sure if it's the lavender pants or the fact that she has a "4 star" restaurant...in, uh, Jersey... but I'm not a fan. We'll see if she makes it another week. Next!
Carla loves to cook with bacon and also loves to bake pies. We could pretty much be the same person. I like her already.
Danny is 26 but looks like he's 46...his motto is kind of lame. He's from Long Island and could possibly be the next "Joey from New York". We'll have to stay tuned to see if they're actually alike.
Fabio is from Italy, is opening a place to help kids, and is William Shatner's personal chef. 3 reasons to hate him, but I kind of like him. He might be my secret crush. We'll see.
Gene might be my favorite. He's self taught and worked his way up. His chain is ugly, but that can always be removed.
Jeff worked under Norman Van Aken. His restaurant is name DiLido. John Paul says he will forever be known as "dildo". I hope he stays around so we can keep referring to him as "dildo"
Lauren seems lame. And the fact that she works at the most "luxurious steakhouse in Cincinnati" is almost laughable. Maybe she'll prove me wrong, but I'm guessing she'll be one of the first to go.
Leah loves pork. I love pork. I hope she's not boring because I like her!
Patrick is from Quincy so I'll automatically cheer on another Masshole. I hope he doesn't, like all other Mass people on TV, make us look like jerks!
Radhika seems eclectic and likeable. I like how she describes her style of cooking as "globally eclectic with a huge spoonful of love." A huge spoonful of love!! How could you not cheer for her?
Stefan frightens me. Yikes! He looks scary. I would not want to cross him! It might be my fear, but I kind of like him. I hope he kicks some ass!
Hosea, Jamie, Jill, Melissa and Richard aren't exciting enough. They all seem easily forgettable.

So that's my breakdown. I'll update later this week to see if I was correct with any of my predictions.


I knew I could count on you guys to provide your opinions of Top Chef...which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I too, was very excited for the premiere last night. However, I did enjoy last season so we can agree to disagree. It is better than most tv out there so I was entertained.

I didn't read the bios on the web before watching last night but it is pretty amazing that you basically predicted who was going to be eliminated. Immediately, I figured Patrick was going home...I mean c'mon...21? How has he even had time to taste "real good food". I did like how the judges told him to travel the world and experience different tastes, etc. I also was so glad to see Leah go home after the first 15 mins. I don't think I could have standed listening to her for one more minute. She said she deserved to cook in NYC but then made a freaking spinach salad with apples. I could have done that.

My favorites thus far are Gene (even though the previews show he gets crazy) and Josea maybe? Still a little early to tell. We know Stefan will be around for awhile though...ugh.
Can't wait to read ya'lls opinion about the show.

P.S. Loved the comment Tom made about someone's dish being exactly like Wolfgang Puck. He is starting to get a little more honest...love it!