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Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner


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Abby's brother had us over to partake in a pre-thanksgiving dinner with some of their friends. Since the OU game was on at 8, I was able to stay to eat a plate before I went home to watch my Sooners dominate the Red Raiders.

Sam and Mike did a great job (I think it was mainly Sam) in preparing the turkey and side. Here are some pics, including me carving the turkey. (I was a little hesitant in carving the turkey. I believe that "he who cooks the turkey, cuts the turkey" and also, I've only carved a turkey once before...my skills aren't the greatest and I didn't want to butcher their bird. I did ok I think...it was good practice for the main event this upcoming turkey-day.)


Hey! I Made the stuffing, gutted the bird and stuffed the bird. The only reason I couldn't carve it was because I needed to go out and find cranberry sauce, and of all the people left there I figured you'd do the best job carving it.

but thanks for the good review