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Belated Weekend Roundup (Steve's Greek Review)


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Due to the craziness of work, wedding reception selection, OU vs Davidson, and general laziness, the weekend roundup post that was promised was never posted. And after some thought, there wasn't much that went on last weekend that really needed talking about.

Anyway, on Friday we went to Steve's Greek Cuisine on Newbury St. This is a place that every time we've walked by, the smells have always called for us to go in and eat, but due to the fact that we've always have eaten right before we walk by, we never go in. (What a run on sentence that was!) On our way to Daisy Buchanan's for their really cheap lunch, we decided to hit up the Greek place that we always pass by. There's not much to say. It was typical Boston Greek food, meaning that the food wasn't bad, it had all the typical "Greek" flavors, but it wasn't mind-blowingly good. The prices weren't the best ($7.50 for a gyro) and when the menu says homemade chips, expect to only get 3-6 chips on your plate. That's it...just 3-6 chips. If I had known that, I would have gotten a side of fries too. Some pics will be added later. My search for excellent Greek food in Boston continues. Steve's gets a disappointing 2.5 out of 5.

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