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Gaslight (JP Review)


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Not much of an in depth review here. We've been to Gaslight a few times before. It's really close to our condo. Also, we had a free appetizer coupon given to us as a "welcome to the neighborhood" package we got when we moved into our condo. Gaslight is a very nice place. It's very unpretentious and serves good French bistro fare. Prices aren't that bad, appetizers starting at $8 and entrees going to $26.

We started with the Escargot. I know a lot of people are afraid to eat escargot because...well because it's snails and it's disgusting. But I love it. My bro-in-law Andy was the first person to get me to eat them, about 5 years ago. Him and my sister kept saying that all I will taste is garlic and butter. And boy were they right. You fork out the little dude, spread it on a piece of bread, and it's so good. Then you dip your bread into the little cast iron container to get all the buttery goodness out.

For our entrees I went with the steak frites and Abby got the Croque-Monseiur. Again, this was nothing new to us. Both turned out as good as always.

We usually sit at the bar, but the dining room has a very nice atmosphere. This is a good place for anything ranging from first date, to anniversary, to just wanting to get out of the cold. I give Gaslight a 4 out of 5.