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Happy Erection Day!!! (That's asian-ese for "election")


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Time for me to go off on some rants:

1. Its 9:00AM on a Tuesday and I’m all of a sudden in the mood for a doughnut. Maybe a chocolate one with cream filling, or maybe a chocolate cake style one…who knows. I go downstairs to the cafeteria and THEY ARE OUT OF DOUGHNUTS!!! So I go to the little store down the hall and THEY ARE OUT OF DOUGHNUTS!!!! I have a feeling that even though I’ve already had Nong Shim noodles for breakfast (the breakfast of champions) that the reason I’m craving doughnuts is I heard on the radio that if you wear your “I Voted” sticker at some places, you can get free stuff. Seeing as I’m a convicted felon who lost my vote 7 years ago in what I still claim as an accident and not my fault (Judge Brewer of the 7th district court of Kingstown County, IL didn’t agree obviously) I do not get to participate in getting free coffee or free doughnuts at random places.

Various sites list what freebies there are. You can follow these links for yourself and find out:




Anyway, this has nothing to do with the fact that a building that holds nearly 2000 workers would be out of doughnuts at 9am. I spent the last few minutes walking up and down the hallways seeing if anyone brought extra dunkin doughnuts to their morning meetings, but alas, there were none…so now I’m staring at candy that Abby gave me and wondering if it’s too early to have a few pieces.

2. Speaking of office food, why is it that whenever I see a box of pizza left out by the copier at 2pm, knowing that its leftover from a meeting that probably started around 11:30 and the pizza is no more edible than the cardboard that holds it, I’ll still go and grab a slice or two? Yesterday I did this and immediately regretted this decision halfway through the pizza. Yucky…yet, if there’s leftover pizza there today, you know I’ll grab a slice.

3. I have a feeling that the reason I’m so fat and out of shape is probably summed up nicely by the previous two bullets…

4. How I Met Your Mother was horrible last night. Absolutely horrible. If that was my first time to watch an episode, I would have wanted that show to get cancer and get cancelled on the spot. Lets get off this crappy Ted stuff and get back into Barney, Barney, hot ass chicks, Barney and more Barney.

5. Simpsons got its highest ratings in over 5 years for it’s treehouse of horrors special. I watched that episode, first full Simpsons episode I’ve watched in probably 5-7 years…and it sucked. It was horrible. There has not been a good Simpsons episode since 1999. This is horrible crap that should have ended over 5 years ago.