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Top Chef Masters II


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So of course I'm a big fan of Top Chef Masters. I loved the first season and was very happy that Rick Bayless (a dude originally from the Sooner state) beat out some great chefs to win it all. I'm also very happy that Bravo decided to do a second season. However, why do the magical elves feel the need to induce drama? I dunno, maybe I was in the minority, but damn wasn't I giddy over the fact that these best-of-the-best chefs were acting like long lost best friends? They were all smiling, joking around and just enjoying the competition. And were they ever into the competition, fighting for a charity they all believed in. This was very refreshing after the crap show that the regular Top Chef was becoming. All these cheftestants should take a look at how some real chefs treat each other with respect. Now that we have watched two episodes of the latest season of Masters, Bravo is trying their hardest to make these chefs reduce to the same level as their less experienced counterparts. By making these elite chefs work together is probably the easiest way to induce some drama and that is what they did. Luckily so far the most drama we've seen has come from Marcus Samuelsson admitting that he was too focused on his own dish to help out others. However, in the upcoming previews they show chefs bickering and yelling at each other just like in the regular Top Chef. Here's hoping that's just editing for a trailer and there's not much more that what we see in the future episode. I for one enjoy watching the best chefs at the top of their game actually being cordial and nice to each other.