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We went to Jean Georges' Market in the W Hotel for Abby's B-day. I've never eaten at a Jean Georges restaurant before and was pretty excited for it. The space, just like the lobby of the W hotel, is very modern and contemporary. I didn't like the outfits the hostesses and waitresses were wearing, some sort of Asian inspired dress that was not flattering at all.

We both went with the Market Menu, $55 for 5 courses. Abby asked to see if she could substitute another dish for the lamb chops and was told by our waiter that they normally do not allow it but since it was a quiet night the chef would cater to our needs. That was nice.

Bread came with butter. I liked the salt that was at our table, but then wonder how many previous diners have put their fingers in the salt cellar.

I was going to go through every dish and explain it all, but really there's no need. For me, everything was good to very good, but not exceptional. (Abby did say the foie gras brule was one of the best things she's ever eaten though.) The entire meal can be summed up by the dessert course, a chocolate molten cake, which was perfectly made but just did now blow my socks off.

Maybe my expectations for Market were too high, but what else should I expect from the Jean Georges brand? Can you get a very good meal at Market? Yes you can, and at $55 it can even be a bargain. Just don't expect to be wowed with something new and exciting and you'll have a great dinner. I give Market a 3 out of 5.

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I went to Market shortly after they opened and felt very similarly. Things were good but not out of this world. There were tons of staff and servers on the floor but service still had plenty of errors. The food also seemed a bit on the salty side. But the tasting menu is a serious steal compared to other tasting menus in the city.