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Easter (Woody's Grill & Tap Review and Family Eats)


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The day before Easter we went to Jillian's to go bowling for Abby's B-day. Before we did that, we had a couple of pizzas at a place Michael, Abby's brother, have been raving about. Located a couple of blocks from their apartment, Woody's Grill and Tap is a simple pizza joint with a wood fire oven. It's smelled great as we were walking down the street, but when we arrived the door was locked even though their were people inside eating. A waiter quickly unlocked the door (apparently they had the door open and just closed it and it locked itself) and we were quickly seated. Woody's has a nice beer list and decently priced wine. We ordered two large pizzas, a BBQ Chicken and the Kitchen Sink. They came out quickly on a steaming hot thin crust. And sadly, they were quickly devoured. This pizza was good. Was it the best I've ever had in Boston...no. But how many places can live up to Ernesto's? Was it just as good and cheaper than Upper Crust...the Kitchen Sink definitely could stand against any of their pizzas. Woody's is a very good spot, probably really popular with the college kids in the area. The prices are just right and the warm, inviting bar can easily draw in passerbys for a drink and a pizza. I give Woody's a 3 and 1/2 out of 5.

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For Easter, Michael and Sam made a stuffed tenderloin, mashed potatoes, and carrots. Abby made her red velvet cupcakes, and Amanda made a cheesecake. All was fantastic and all was eaten.