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Top Chef S5 EP11 Recap


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Top Chef rundown:

1. First let me say, “THANK YOU SWEET JEEBUS!!!” Leah (and her non-existent great rack) is no longer on my TV screen. Yes I know Top Chef will do something to have all the other cheftestants that have been kicked off the show back, but at least Leah won’t have any chance of winning the competition. Also, I don’t think she has any chance of winning the fan favorite either. (I can think of two people who won’t vote for her or Hosea…) The fan favorite is going down to Fabio or Carla (no longer calling her Crazy Eyes because she is proving to be a great chef.)
2. Good challenges again. Love the guest judges, especially Pepin and Samuelsson.
3. The last dinner question is a great one, one that pops up a lot if you read/watch Bourdain at all. I love it. I can’t decide what my final meal would be. Pho? Steak? Mangosteen? Not sure….Ok, off the top of my head: I’d start with Biscuits and gravy, followed by chicken fried steak, with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob, two crunchy tacos from Taco Bell, one chili cheese burrito also from Taco Bell, a bowl of my mom’s chau (aka congee or rice porridge), and two mangosteens for dessert. That is subject to change depending on my current mood.
4. Way to go Fabio! Roasted chicken, as previously mentioned here on this blog, is considered by many a mark of a great chef. And to break his thumb somehow (seriously, how the hell did he do that) and deliver a great dish…bravo, Fabio, bravo!
5. Stefan…damn, I was scared you were going home. Seriously…overcooked fish…that’s not good. I think the judges cheated and looked at past results to keep you instead of Leah. And boy am I glad they did.
6. Wylie and his eggs fetish is interesting…no wait, the other word, gross. But in a very neat way. (Not sure if that makes sense.) As an engineer, I respect that Wylie is a bit of a scientist and the fact that the egg is such a biological engineering masterpiece, it kinda makes sense that Wylie loves eggs. (Alton Brown does as well…nerds rule.)
7. Carla…you could damn well win this thing and I wouldn’t be surprised one little bit. I wouldn’t have said that 5 weeks ago.
8. I’m thinking of having a Top Chef watching party for the final episode, but seriously, it’s on so late that is not going to happen.