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Filippo Restaurant Review


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I wish I had a longer review of Filippo than this, but in all honesty, maybe it doesn't deserve anything longer than a brief recap. We went to this Italian restaurant, located on the edge of North End on Causeway St, to meet up with a couple of friends. (Shout out to Tom and Cynthia!) Entering the restaurant a little later than our 7:30 reservation (that was made on an automated phone service with no confirmation) there was a quiet bar to the right and an empty eating area to the right. We were lead around the bar, and there was another dining area with a few groups talking and eating loudly. The decorations are a bit over the top, but in a nice way. Tons of family pictures and news articles from their town in Italy. Then menu ranged from $5 appetizers to a $200 call a day in advanced dish. All the typical Italian dishes are there, along with some Filippo specialties. A very large menu indeed. One thing that stood out was the rental property of the owners in Italy that one could inquire about for a vacation rental. That's definitely something you don't see in most North End Restaurant.

I'd breakdown what everyone had, but really, I don't remember much now. That's not to say the food was bad. It was all good to very good. The Veal Parm that I ordered was like nearly all veal parms in the North End, very respectful and had all the familiar flavors. This wasn't blow your socks off food, but it was good. I wasn't a big fan of our peanut butter and chocolate dessert. A little too heavy to finish the night.

The prices are very resonable here, especially compared to some places on Hanover Street. If I had to go to Olive Garden or here, I'd definitely choose Filippo. But I'd give other North End places a try before going back again. I give Filippo a 3 out of 5.

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