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God damn...I really hate Texas...and losing to them really sucks. I told myself after the USC loss in the Orange Bowl for the MNC that I would not get so emotionally involved with my beloved Sooners any more. It's too much. Every time they lose I'm on the brink of tears...which says a lot since I haven't cried in a very, very long time. Serious. (Abby makes fun of me for not crying. At my friend's wedding a couple of weeks ago, my friend's were telling me that I'd cry at my own wedding. I really don't think I would. I mean, I ain't no punk-bitch. I ain't gonna shed no tear. But seriously, I don't cry.) That is not the same as not showing emotions. I showed plenty on Saturday. The entire spectrum : unbelievable joy and happiness to anger and sadness, wondering why God would let such an honorable and noble team like my Sooners lose to such a despicable ass-hat like Mack Brown. At the end of each year or a dissapointing loss, I always say the same thing, "It's only a game, it shouldn't affect my real life." But affect it, it does. Seriously, I won't visit a sports website for at least a week. I won't listen to sports radio for at least a week. This might actually up my productivity at work. My routine this morning at work normally goes like this: log into computer, shoot the shit with my cubemate, open up firefox and go to thebiglead.com, then espn.com, then collegefootballnews.com, etc, etc. Instead today went like this: log into computer, shoot the shit with my cubemate, hold back the tears as I tell him how my Sooners lost, open up firefox and go to boston.com, realize I hate reading the news, and then stare into space for 20 minutes. So maybe my productivity isn't going to improve, but the routine is definitely affected.

Anyway, other things happened this past week. We went to Masa and while I should give a big review on it, we didn't take pictures and since we were catching up with some friends we couldn't get into all the details. The food, as usual, was incredible. Starting from the best bread basket in town, highlighted by the best bread dips in town, to the incredible pork shoulder, to the Banderita shots at the end, everything that went into my mouth was incredible. However, the service was unusually slow. I mean, really slow. Our waiter looked like he'd rather be somewhere else that to serve at Masa. That didn't really affect us too much though, because the atmosphere, the company we were with, and the food made the night.

Friday night, after a very long week at work, we decided to stay in. I made up some flank steak tacos. Recipe and pics will come soon.

We also went to the Courtyard by Marriot on Tremont Street to look at their setup for a wedding reception on Saturday. It was well done. The main ballroom of the Courtyard is a lot nicer than one expects from the way the outside of the hotel looks. We were given a quote that was very reasonable, so this venue is definitely high on our list.

After our quick viewing of the hotel, I had a hankering for some fried shrimp. Not the popcorn variety either. I wanted head-on fried jumbo shrimp. Asian style one might say. Before we left the condo to go to the Courtyard we were watching Simply Ming and he did a dish with some shrimp. I think that got me in the mood for it. Anyway, we walked around Chinatown for a while looking for a place to get a decent meal, but couldn't find what exactly I was looking for. So we ended up at Penang. I'll have a bigger review coming later, but the meal was good, even though I didn't get my head-on shrimp.

More posts will be coming later today.