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I was planning on blogging about How I Met Your Mother but it seemed that Cave Cibum has beaten me to it:


Unlike Cave Cibum though, I was disappointed in this episode. I love this show, but I hate Marshal-themed episodes. His character is definitely my least favorite. More Barney all the time for me.

In any case, there was this article I found today:


And how the hell did Mr Bartley make the list? Yes it's a good burger, but one of the best? I'd put RF O'Sullivan's burger over it any day of the week. Hell, I'd probably put the burgers at Bukowski's in Inman Square above it too. At least Bukowski's you can get some beer while you have your burger. I'm glad a place in Boston made the list, but in my eyes it wasn't the right place.


Thanks for the link! I'm actually not even a burger fan, so I can't speak much about the Boston burger scene.

And while I do prefer episodes that focus on more of the characters, this was a big episode for Marshall, with his quest for the perfect burger meaning so much more to him.