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Bones Rant!


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Ok, I don't want to turn into APR and go off on a rant, but last's night episode of Bones included a misnomer that doesn't really piss me off as much as just annoys me. In that episode they said that the sperm they found on floor of the copy room was from an Asian male. They concluded that there was only one Asian male in the office so he must have been the killer. Um...I'm pretty sure that India is part of Asia, making the Asian office worker count equal to 2. Here is my letter to the Bones creative team that I probably won't ever send them:

Dear Creators of Bones -

First let me say that I enjoy your show. The characters are enjoyable and the show is always good for a few laughs. (One minor suggestion would be to have more boobies!) However, last night's episode, the one with the lady found dead in the elevator, had a line and train of thought that I had an issue with. I wasn't offended by it at all, just more annoyed. After the sperm sample was proven to be from a man of Asian decent, it was immediately said that there was only 1 Asian male working in the office. (Chip I believe his name was.) However, this was false. There was another Asian male working in the office, in fact, he even had a pronounced role in the beginning as the person getting onto the elevator last and also later taking a picture of the "hot chick". Even later, there was a joke about his ethnicity in how it would help him communicate with tech support in a foreign land. From IMDB, this man was Hamid Hirani, an office worker with Asian-Indian decent. Why was he not considered Asian? India is part of Asia the last time I checked.

I'm sure this was a simple overlook in the Bones writing team. Somehow narrowing the field of suspects down to one with only 10 minutes left in the show. I just don't see how this could be such a huge omission though. This is just enforcing the thought the only Asians are Chinese, Koreans, or Japanese. Russians are technically Asian, so are Pakistanis and Indians.

I really have no idea where I'm going with this rant. Maybe I thought that after the success of Harold and Kumar that the obvious stereotypes of all people, not just Asians. Maybe I'm the only one who thought that ignoring the fact that the Indian office dude was Asian was a big deal, who knows... Anyway, keep making an enjoyable show and please, more boobies!