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South End, Sometimes I Really Hate You!


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Man, these past few weeks on Union Park St, I've noticed that there was a lot of broken glass lying around. Abby even witnessed a bunch of cars with broken windows one morning and a police car taking note. How I was afraid my turn would be next...well this morning it was my turn.

I felt lost and alone as I walked to my car and noticed the broken glass. Immedietly I was happy that my car was still there. I see the front passenger side chair full of random items from my glove compartment and the compartment in between the front two seats was emptied out as well all over the floor. Nothing was apparently stolen. All my CDs were there, my fastlane thingy was still there too. My GPS window mount was unplugged though, leading me to believe that they were looking for my GPS unit, which I always take out of my car. All that work for nothing? These freaking crackheads should have at least taken the quarters out of my cup holders...I just don't get it. Why, oh why are people breaking into other people's cars? Are times that desperate? I mean, I understand the credit crunch is bad, but can't you fuel your depression by not hurting others? Even as I was telling the police in my report (I had to wait until 8AM before I could do this...apparently crime never sleeps, but the BPD does) what had happened, the officer was very nonchalant about it. Saying how it's getting bad in the South End all over. Ugh!

Anyway, I know nothing will ever happen to the punks that did this. And in the grand scheme of things of all that is bad that could happen in this life, a broken window is well low on the list. It's more frustrating and annoying than anything else.