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There has been a big hole in our Sweet and Sour in Boston blog (well, there's many holes including my horrible english and lack of posting) and that is that while we discuss lots of restaurants and good eats we are leaving out bars and good cocktails. Enter in our new Libations Liasion, Annie. Annie went to the other OU (Ohio University) and is Abby's cousin. Unlike us lame-o's, she actually does go out to get drinks and can tell us all the wonderful places to go. Also, she's linked with our good friend Crawl In Boston who organizes the best bar crawls in Boston. So we are expecting big things for her. Here is her first post:

I am definitely the kind of girl who prefers savory drinks over sweet. As it stands, one of my favorite drinks is a Bloody Mary. Not just as a hangover cure, but my favorite drink in general. Sadly, it's only acceptable to have them in the morning or early afternoon, so I don't get to enjoy them too much. So this past weekend, on a getaway to Milwaukee, I had the pleasure of enjoying two fabulous bloodies.

The first and best one, surprisingly, was at Jerry Remy's in Logan airport. We were flying Airtran, which is the crappiest place to fly from in Boston. It's this little mini terminal with three gates, a Hudson News stand and nothing else besides screaming babies and other social miscreants who are also cheap enough to actually fly Airtran. So we got to the airport early, there was no one in the security line, and Remy's was right there. In we went. Bloodies were ordered. I was shocked when the affable bartender, while making pleasant small talk, started pulling out a bottle of Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and real, actual horseradish. I was completely expecting Mrs. T's at best, canned tomato juice at worst. I guess only the best for Jerry? It was delicious, and perfectly spiced. It should have been for $9, but it definitely exceeded expectations. If you're ever stuck in the Airtran terminal in Boston, grab one of these bad boys before you go through security to make it bearable.

The second one was at a bar in Milwaukee called Major Goolsby's. This is not a dining destination by any means, but it had the Sunday Ticket, so it was a good place to catch the Pats game. Jay and I both got a bloody, and finally, what seemed like 30 minutes later, they finally came out. The first thing we noticed was that the waitress gave us each a dixie cup full of beer with our drinks, but turned away before we could ask her about it. Do people in Milwaukee put it in their drinks? Shoot it? We never found out, so maybe someone out in the blogosphere knows. The second thing we noticed is that there was a stick of meat in our drinks. Meat? In a drink?? I'm usually psyched when I get an olive. I mean, drink AND snack? Score! This was like a really big slim jim of some sort of spicy, delicious sausage. The bloody itself was spicy and good. Not as good as Remy's, but the novelty of the sausage made up for it. Most of our other drinks in Milwaukee involved $1 domestic drafts and rail drinks, so this was most definitely the best of the bunch.