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M&M Ribs (JP Review)


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Hey JP, you wanna wait in a 2 hour line for M&M ribs with a bunch of annoying yuppies complaining about how there's no T in South End (false) who are constantly bumping into you while you stand there not being able to move because you don't want to get out of line? Do you want to wait 2 hours and try your hardest not to punch the pretentious jerks behind you talking about how they shouldn't have to wait in line and that they can just get better bbq elsewhere, but just stand there and continue to annoy you? Not even if you will be rewarded for your patience with a friendly server that sadly does not have much food left, not even their famous ribs? No? Not again, you say? Well, how about driving 2 minutes down the street, parking in a sand lot, and walking right up to the nicest BBQ Truck lady ever and ordering cheap BBQ and taking it back home in under 10 minutes?

That's basically what we did this past Friday night. Once again we were in a very indecisive mood, neither of us able to make a decision on where we want to go eat. Finally, the wife reminded me that M&M Ribs are open late on Friday. So after looking on the interweb to figure out exactly where it's located, and seeing that's it's a stone's throw from our condo, we were out the door faster than you can say "food truck festival".

We arrive and there's a family eating on some picnic tables to the left of the food truck. The menu is listed right underneath the window of the truck, along with some specials listed right at window level.

After some tough decisions, Abby went with the ribs dinner with mac and cheese and spicy beans and rice and I went with the ribs/chicken combo dinner with spicy beans and rice and candied yams. I also added an order of fried chicken wings. Once of the nicest ladies ever, who was all smiles, took our order and just seemed genuinely happy to be sharing the food with us. After a short wait, we paid and got our food. ("You'll be coming back soon, dear." How right she will be...)

We got home and unpacked the goodies from the bag. The chicken wings were the kind of wings you'd expect from a family cook out. Perfectly fried, a little greasy, with a great crispy, flavorful crust. The candied yams were sweet and succulent. The spicy beans and rice didn't look like what I was expecting, but were also delicious and with a nice little kick. The BBQ chicken looked dry, but wasn't at all. There was a little white meat and some dark meat all mixed together. The famous ribs had some bites that were more tender than others, but were fantastic. The BBQ sauce wasn't the best I've ever had, but did what it had to do without over powering the meat, which is key.

M&M Ribs is not the best BBQ I've ever had. However, it is by far the best value (very large portions over very good food) I've ever had in the Boston area. Both times I've eaten from this food truck (at the food festival and again this night) I've been left wanting more, in a good way. There are tons of specialties I would love to try (like the jerk chicken and rice) and since I know how close this food truck is I will most likely be back often. I give M&M Ribs a 4 out of 5.

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