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JNJ Turo Turo (JP Review)


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JNJ Turo Turo is a very quaint, family operated authentic Filipino restaurant located in Quincy. They have some premade items you can choose from right by the cashier along with some made to order items that are listed on the wall. The menu changes daily.

We ordered the fried fish (I forget the name of the dish) and we got the last one of the day. The family ordering after us also wanted the dish and we were so very close to just giving it to them, but we really wanted to try it and I'm glad we did because it was the best dish of the night. We also went with the crispy pork belly, the pancit (stir fried noodles) and the beef BBQ on a stick.

The crispy fish was definitely the best dish. It was a milk fish, I believe that's what they said, and it was fried whole with a very nice crispy skin and tender flesh. The very soft bones were edible as well, so you didn't have to worry about that. It did have a bit of a vinegary taste, but I kinda liked that as a compliment to the dry white rice that we received with our dinner.

The beef bbq and pancit were just alright, nothing special. In fact the pancit was a little flavorless, but I added some of the fish sauce that was on the table to it and that helped it out.

The lechon was a bit disappointing though. They looked overly dry and tasted like day old pork chop. The dipping sauce, which I swear has some apple in it, was actually quite nice though.

I think we did this restaurant a disservice by coming in an hour to closing time. We probably got the dregs of the day since they weren't going to whip anything new right when they are closing shop. I'd come back and give it another shot if I was ever in the Quincy area again. I give JNJ Turo Turo a 3 out of 5.

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