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Boston Food Truck Festival


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Oh, Boston Food Truck Festival...what can I say about you that hasn't already been said. Yes the lines were long and yes it was very, very warm that day in the parking lot...but the food was good (what we could get at least) and the idea is very, very sound.

I love me some food trucks, and I guess there are laws in Boston that makes it tough for food trucks to be prevalent all through the city. However, I do like how these food trucks are getting together to not only have this festival, but also try to change some of the food health regulations.

We got there around noon, and there were huge lines everywhere. Luckily for us, we already had Speed's the weekend before at it's location in New Market Square, so we didn't have to wait for that delicious hot dog. I wanted to try M&M ribs soooo bad for the longest time. That was the first line I had to get into...sadly, that was also the last line I got into. We waited for over 2 hours, and once we finally got to order, Mighty Moe was out of ribs and most sides. We were able to get a chopped BBQ sandwich and a side of potatoes and onions. The sandwich, while flavorful and cooked nicely, was a little bit on the cold side. The meat was probably smoked in advanced and held at room temp or a cooler until it was needed and quickly heated up on the skillet.

While waiting in line, we missed out on some pickles and fried chicken and waffles that we also wanted to try. Luckily for us, our friends Ian and Female JP were waiting in the Fillbelly's line and got us some empanadas to try. These were very good, with the beef being better.

All in all, the Boston Food Truck Festival was probably a success, and I'm glad it was a free event at the SoWa open market, minutes walking distance from my place. Too bad the food trucks didn't plan accordingly (too their credit, I didn't even anticipate that many people at the festival) and have enough food for the masses. Maybe next time this happens they will know how many people to expect, or maybe I'll just camp out the night before with a few friends and each one of us gets into different lines and grab whatever is available.