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Steak Tips and Salad


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For Sunday night dinner we had steak tips and salad. For steak tips, I made a coke marinade that was suggested by my co-worker Craig. I looked online and this marinade is known as the Newbridge marinade, named after the Newbridge Cafe and their famous steak tips. I've never been there, so I can't attest to how good/bad those steak tips are, I just know that the marinade is really good. The official recipe is to use Italian dressing, but I went away from that and made up my own. The JP recipe is as follows:

1 lb steak tips (cut into cubes)
1 can Coca Cola
4-6 tbls ketchup
2 tbls cumin
heavy pinch salt
multiple grinds of fresh ground pepper
2 tbls chili powder

1. Open the coke and pour it into a mixing bowl.
2. Add in 4-6 tbls of ketchup
3. Add in salt, cumin, chili powder and ground pepper
4. Whisk until mixed completely
5. Add in the steak tips and make sure all the steak tips are submerged in the marinade
6. Cover and let rest in fridge for 6-8 hours or overnight if possible
7. Cook over a grill or in broiler or however it's possible for you
8. Serve with a salad and enjoy

*** I really wish I owned a grill and had a place to grill outside my condo. I could have broiled these tips, I could have used my cast iron and cooked it the same way I normally cook steak...but no, I chose to use my Foreman. The foreman is a great, great tool. I'll prob lose foodie points for saying so, but it's true. The steak tips cooked up nicely on the foreman, but I know it would taste so much better using other methods. I just couldn't get the sear I like using the foreman...but, it was still a very yummy dinner.