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Greek Fest


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Other than the whole getting engaged thing, the one event I was looking forward to this past weekend was the Saint John the Baptist Greek Festival in South End. I love Greek food, not only that, I love how the Greek party and celebrate. For years I've been wanting to go to Greece and enjoy the food and the people. This will probably be as close as I'll get for a while.

Abby's brother and his girlfriend joined us on Sunday and we walked down Union Park to the church. We walk into the church and head downstairs and we see a long table full of what is sure to be Good Eats. Too many choices....I want it all. I only have $35 on me...would it be enough...luckily I see the Visa/MasterCard sign and let out a huge sigh of relief. We do a quick walk through. Past the long buffet line were the beverages: on the left was water and sodas, on the right wine and beer. Immediately in the next room was pastries on the right and coffee on the left. Also in the next room was an eating area surrounded with various Greek wares with music playing loudly and a couple of older Greeks dancing. Outside were some extra eating tables and the fire pit and the gyros. I was happy.

There was a long line for the gyros, but it didn't matter much to me. I watched the beef cooking on the rotisserie and watched as happy customers were eating nearby. Once it was our time to order we got a pork gyro for Abby and a beef/lamb gyro for me with extra tzatziki sauce. (As stated before in the blog, I love tzatziki sauce!) We paid and went back in and sat down.

Easily one of the best gyros I've had in Boston in my near 4 years of living here. Mind you, I've haven't had much Greek food here, which is both my fault and also the fact that their doesn't seem to be that much available in the Boston metro.

Abby's brother and sister went with a gyro as well, along with a platter of something else that I forget the name of. By the look on their faces, and the fact that they said so, I'd gather it was a good lunch.

After my gyro, I wanted to eat more, but I was stuffed. Such a shame. I did hit up the pastries and got a baklava for Abby and some rice pudding for me. Both were incredible and hit the sweet tooth spot perfectly. Our fellow eating guests also got a rice pudding and some baked pastry log thing that was very light and tasty.

How I wish there was a Greek Fest every weekend in my hood. Also a Spanish Fest and a Japanese Fest would be nice too. Any type of festival where we can get good ethnic food surrounded by the people who are really proud of their ethnicity and love sharing their culture with people like me, the t-shirt and shorts wearing loser that likes to mooch off other people's culture.