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Fall TV Review


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Seeing as there are so few shows I actually try to set my clock to and watch, and two of them started last night, I've decided to give a quick recap/thoughts/review of How I Met Your Mother and Heroes. Some spoilers may follow. (Speaking of heroes, well really gyros, we went to the Greek Festival in South End on Sunday and it was incredible. Will update with pics of the food later today.)


- what type of loser douchebag prefers star wars: a new hope to empire? seriously? i guess i should just be happy he didn't say return of the jedi was his favorite.
- i'm really getting annoyed with marshall's character. get a damn job loser! i mean, i own a condo and have a big mortgage and i'd be scared crap-less if i lost my job and had to depend on my teacher-wife with credit card issues to be the breadwinner.
- barney continues to carry this show. NPH might go down as the greatest actor ever.
- lily finally had some good lines.
- abby said robin looked like she lost some weight. guess having to compete with sarah chalke will do that to you. i mean britney looked like an absolute whale when she was next to sarah chalke's character last season.
- the waitress that barney hooked up at in the end had some huge knockers


- that hour long preview show was utter crap...but it was hard choosing from the preview show or big bang theory, which is utter crap as well (though big bang theory did have a funny line about community college that i laughed out loud at...probably the only time i've ever laughed out loud for that show)
- why does future peter need to run anywhere? dude can teleport!
- future peter does get props for finally using powers like a man: sending parkman to the sahara and forcing present peter into someone else's body
- with all this time travel crap, this season is going to get convoluted fast!
- the god thing was bothering me...
- mohinder continues to be the dumbest super genius ever
- the latina chick...other than her body, she contributes nothing to the show
- i hope Ando does gets all evil...i'd enjoy that, especially since Hiro is getting all "Jason Todd" on us and is more excited to wanna be a hero than actually being a hero
- the freaking "butterfly effect" crap? seriously? is jeff loeb still part of the show at all? i can't quite remember the exact quote from Barry Ween, boy genius, when he was talking about time travel, but it was basically that we humans think we are so important that we can make a little change in the past and it'll affect the future when really, you could wipe out whole cities in the past and the future will probably still be the same. or, you could even get to the Futurama episode that talked about time travel and paradoxes...i just don't have faith in the fact that the Heroes writers will be able to make this time travel stuff come off brilliantly as well as dumb enough for the average TV view (myself included).

the return of these TV shows also means that i return to one of my all time favorite time-wasters at work: reading the great rants and recaps from televisionwithoutpity! if you don't know, go to this website:


it's just great. very creative writers with a lot of snark and humor.