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Chicken Korma and Huevos Rancheros


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Some home cooking pics.

Chicken Korma

Bought from Costco for $9, ready in 5 minutes and surprisingly really, really good. It's not going to replace getting take out from Mela or anything like that, but getting this and having it ready in the fridge whenever we don't want to cook is a nice option. Trader Joes naan is also a nice $2 option.

Huevos Rancheros

Making the refried black beans was easy. Just simmered the black beans from a can on the stove top with a half a can of water. Then on a non-stick skillet, heat some oil and garlic and then add the beans and a little of the water and cook over medium high heat. Use a potato smasher and smash beans, adding water it was simmered in slowly until you get a consistency you like.

I made a guac and the ranchero sauce was really just diced tomatoes and garlic with a little hot sauce added.

Plating was simple. Refried black beans on the bottom, baked crispy tortilla on top of that, some cheese, some ranchero sauce, two sunny side up eggs, and a little guac on top.


Looks like you were eatting chunks of butter.