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Black Jack Pasta (JP Review)


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Lazy and not wanting to cook or leave the house to grab dinner, we opened up the laptop and searched foodler.com for possible dinner delivery options. Under their sponsored links I saw Black Jack Pasta and "free delivery", so I immediately looked at their menu. Fresh, home made pasta and wings and subs. Sounds good to me. I checked yelp and saw only 1 review from 6/30/2010. Either no one visits this place or it's brand spanking new. The wife looked at the menu and saw the Chef Jack's Special Dish (Ziti pasta w/ pesto sauce, prosciutto, fresh tomatoes, homemade fresh mozzarella
w/ a splash of balsamic vinaigrette) and knew what she wanted. However, both their online ordering system and foodler.com did not have this entree listed. So I just called them up and gave our order. I went with the buffalo wings and the potato gnocchi with papa's meat sauce. 45-60 minutes later our food arrived.

Abby's meal came with a side salad and a cookie. The chicken wings were a little soggy, but most delivery wings are. They did taste great and were pretty spicy. I believe I was only suppose to get 8 wings, but I ended up with 11. (I really hope I wasn't suppose to get 12...) The pasta (which I guess is what you should order from a place calling itself a pasta bar) was really, really good. I admit I was surprised, mainly because I didn't know what to expect. I've had pasta dished delivered from sub shops that seemed to have similar menus and they were over cooked and plain and boring. Here though, the pasta tasted very fresh and the sauces weren't slathered on, but added as a nice compliment to the pasta. Portions were a good size too. I first thought they were small, but upon eating the potato gnocchi I realized it was just the right amount. Not to say that the gnocchi was that heavy, but I was getting full eating it.

Prices are pretty good too. Roughly $10 for pasta dishes, a few bucks more if you go for one of their "full meal" dishes. This is definitely a place I'll order from again. I give Black Jack Pasta a 3 and 1/2 out of 5.


The chicken cutlet sub is out of this world

Pasta is one delicious dish. When I travelled to Argentina, I learnt a lot about it since it is a country that has many Italian descendants and they really know how to prepare it. I went to a lot of restaurants and I also cooked it at one of the furnished apartments in buenos aires I had rented. Now I cook for my whole family and they can´t understand how is it that I know so much about the sauces and everything, I tell them: just take a trip to Argentina and you´ll see!