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Bar Louie

We hit up Bar Louie before a concert at Showcase Live in Patriot Place because Annie could not quit raving about their tator tots. There's a nice patio space outside and a huge roof patio but it was way too hot for us to be outside. We sat inside the massive bar/restaurant on one of the many hightops. As we walked pass the bar I noticed Boddingtons and Allagash White on tap...so far big points in my book. We sat down and our very chatty waiter comes over even before we could look at the beer list or menu. I ordered a beer while Abby and Annie just got water while they looked over the extensive list of beers. The menu has the typical sports bar/chain menu items and priced accordingly. Appetizers are $10 or less, mains are $15 or less basically. We weren't starving so we just went for a few apps to snack on. The loaded tator tots, the pretzel sticks, and the chips and dip.

The pretzel sticks were pretty good. They tasted like they were fresh baked, but I don't know if they truly were or not. I liked the cheese dipping sauce the best, the others being a honey mustard and a cinnamon butter. The tater tots weren't bad either, just not anything more than tater tots with cheese and onions and bacon on top of it. I guess I was expecting tater tots like those at Garden in the Cellar just not normal tater tots. Likewise, the chips and dip were a handful of stale chips with a guacamole, salsa and queso dip (the same one as the pretzel sticks).

Overall...a decent spot, but nothing to get excited about. I like the extensive beer list and if I was in Patriot Place I'd come back for a drink or two. And maybe if I was really hungry for a snack I'd order the pretzel sticks. Oh, something has to be said about the "uniforms" of the servers. The female servers all wear short black shorts with black tank tops and have their bras just popping out of the tanks. I don't know if one server decided this was a good look to make more tips and so the others went along with it, or if management actually encourages it. This was neither a plus or minus in my books. I give Bar Louie a meh-tastic 3 out of 5.

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I actually liked the pretzels better than the tots. Maybe I need to be much more intoxicated to truly appreciate the tots.