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A few weeks ago we had to go to Pittsburgh for my buddy Biscuit's wedding. While there we had a few decent meals. We got in first thing on Saturday morning and googled for the best breakfast spot in Pittsburgh. We came up with two places: Delucas and Pamela's. Sadly, both places had what seemed like 4 hour long lines. That was ok by us because the area they were in, the Strip District, was happening with tons of food vendors and shops. We ended up at the Cafe on the Strip because the offered us a free glass of wine with our breakfast.

The food was good to slightly better than good. Nothing too special, but the wine was really good house wine. Apparently it's home made. The service and location were both fantastic. We were in the heart of the Strip District sitting on the sidewalk and could people watch while we enjoyed the free wine.

I give Cafe on the Strip and 3 out of 5.

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Walking along the street after our breakfast, we spot this street vendor:

Which had this sign attached:

And Abby was dying to get some pierogies while we were in Pittsburgh, so even though we were full, we had to get some.

They were very, very good. Cheese and potato wrapped in dough and skillet fried with onions. Simple and delicious. We started talking to the Weenie King, and not only is he the owner of this great little stand, he also owns Bar 11 on the famous Carson Street. This is where it pays to talk to locals and get details on what's happening in town. The King told us to mention him and we'd get in free (I know, only saving like $10 probably, but still...free is free) but we never got a chance to check out his bar. Either way, Weenie King gets a 4 out of 5.

Our final food destination turned out to be a place I've already been. Fat Head's is located on Carson Street and is a local brewery/restaurant. Bottom line, I wish this was a place in South End. Nice micro-brews with sandwiches as big as your head? What's not to like? Maxim magazine listed their South Side Slopes one of the best sandwiches in America...and it sure is one of my top 10 sandwiches ever. Pierogies and Kielbasa and special mustard. This is a damn good sandwich. It washed down nicely with the Fat Head Ocktoberfest beer. Abby ordered the fried pierogies and those were nice and crispy and equally tasty.

I give Fat Head's a 4 1/2 out of 5.

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