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Once again, been both too lazy and too busy to update the blog. Got a review of Hamersleys Bistro coming later today though.

Some images of fast food menu items compared with their advertisements. (Thispiggy.com)

Superfoods you should be eating. (Chicago Tribune)

Ruhlman has a new book out about the ratios in the cooking world. Doesn't it seem like every two months he has a new book? (Ruhlman.com)

Filed under strange: Kobe Bryant on Sesame Street. (FirstCuts via Deadspin)

While I may not truly hate Andrew Zimmern, I do agree with a few of these comments on this list. (Village Voice)

Cool video of Bourdain going to El Bulli. (bighospitality)

An article on Padma and her burger. (Electric Show)

The above commercial. (youtube)