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Fried Chicken and a Pabst


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So this year for lent I gave up fried food, fast food, and beer. I've cheated once, and that was when we were in Chicago. I wasn't going to not eat the duck fat fries. Whatever, Jesus still loves me. This was the only time I cheated and I didn't even eat it on Sundays (even though Mom, Chris, and Joey all say Sundays are allowed). Anyway, it's been a long 40 days. I haven't really missed the fast food seeing as how we don't eat it that often, but I've really missed the beer. For the last 2 weeks all I've wanted is a Pabst. I've missed it's, albeit light, golden color. It's superb flavor. And the fact I can drink a 6 pack of man cans on my own. I've also, surprisingly, missed fried chicken. Now I'm not a fried chicken connoisseur. It's not something I normally crave. But man, these last two weeks all I've wanted is fried chicken and a PBR.
Some might ask, why give up fried food and beer for lent. Well, I have to admit, part of it is definitely diet related. I have to fit into a wedding dress in T minus 4 months and I already have enough of a beer belly left over from college and post college partying days. Part of it too is that I really enjoy beer and french fries. Together or separate. The whole idea is to give up something you love a lot. Make a sacrifice. That, and I wasn't about to give up coffee...for my sake and my coworkers' sake.
I've been pretty good. We went to Tremont 647 and I ordered mashed potatoes instead of fries. Truth be told, I'm so glad I did. They are buttery and smooth and I ate them all. Next time we go, I'll definitely be ordering my potatoes mashed and not fried, lent or no lent.
Last week we went to Five Guys...or as I've been calling Nam Meh (hahaha I'm so funny). Anyway, I called my brother to tell him I was going and he's like "the fries are awesome". But when we were there I passed. There they sat in front of me in their brown paper bag. Hand cut. Glistening. And. I. Passed. I can also say, if it wasn't lent, I wouldn't have passed on them. What diet? So instead I sat there and watched JP eat them. Not gonna lie, I was kinda happy they didn't live up to his expectations. I didn't feel like I was missing anything. Don't get me wrong, I'll still order them next time. But for now, I didn't feel so bad.