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Flounder 2-Ways


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This being Lent season, and Abby giving up fried food and fast food meant that were weren't going out for McDonald's Filet o'Fish, so we cooked up our own fish at home. Last week we made salmon, this week we went with flounder. I actually meant to make catfish, but the Whole Foods I went to on my way home from work on Friday didn't have any catfish, so I settled for flounder. I made the flounder a couple of different ways, cajun blackened and lemon pepper. (Though in the pictures they look exactly the same...I probably should have wiped down the cast iron in between cooking, but I was lazy.)

The cajun blacked was made by combining a bunch of different spices (paprika, salt, pepper, chili powder, cumin, etc) into a pie dish and completely covering the two flounder filets with the spices. Then to a nice and hot cast iron pan, I added a little oil and cooked the filets about 3 minutes each side. This causes a lot of smoke!

The lemon pepper was just as easy. In a mixing bowl, I added some EVOO and the juice of one large lemon and a lot of cracked black pepper. I let the filets sit in this marinade for 30 mins, then cooked it in the same manner as above.

Abby made a side of cous cous and we served it with a wedge of lemon. Turned out ok, but I think I should have broiled the lemon pepper one instead, and possibly could have breaded it. Flounder has decent flavors too, but I think I like catfish better.