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Sorry loyal readers (if we have any loyal readers...if not, then sorry random readers) for the lack of updates. I'd like to say we've been crazy busy with the new year, but it's mainly due to laziness we haven't updated. We have a review of Sage (from Dec 29th) that will be posted later tonight, along with some dinners we've cooked. And I've got a recap for the last episode of Top Chef. In the mean time, here are some links:

Top 10 Sandwiches:

I think the Vietnamese Banh Mi should be on here though.

Wedding in a Taco Bell:

And speaking of Taco Bell, a friend recently told me she didn't believe the Chili Cheese Burrito existed. Well, here's a website dedicated to this deliciousness:

I wish I had one of those for breakfast right now...instead I'm having what I normally have for breakfast, the Hot and Spicy Bowl Noodle from Nong Shim:


Yes I really do eat this for breakfast 4 or 5 times a week. It's warm, yummy, savory, and fills me up. It's also much cheaper (since I buy the case) then eating in my cafeteria every morning. Plus my cafeteria at work sucks. Sure it's high in sodium and other bad things, but it's tasty and it helps my bowels in the mornings.

More later today, I promise.


Please stop eating that Nong Shim so often - I know it's good, but throw in a bowl of oatmeal once in awhile instead. Those also help with your BM's and maybe we won't call you fatty mcfat fat anymore.

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