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Mustard Crusted Salmon Fillets on Paper Plates


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Eric Ripert has a blog where he has video recipes using a toaster oven. It's quite a blog. www.aveceric.com

I saw this recipe this morning and thought it'd be worth giving a try. On a trip to Foodies in search of some deli meats to make sandwiches for dinner, I told Abby about this recipe and we decided it to give it a try. Turned out really great. Salmon was super flaky and moist, and even though we didn't make the creme fraiche dressing, the salmon had enough flavor on it's own.

Check out his website and try out some of the recipes. We'll likely try the red snapper one eventually.

(Yes we know it's not classy to be trying to show off fancy food on paper plates, but whatever. All our dishes were in the dish washer, and this makes cleanup a hell of a lot easier.)