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Hello!!!! Welcome to our new food blog.

So, what makes us qualified to have a food blog? Probably the same credentials that allowed thousands and thousands of others to start their own blogs: NOTHING! That's right, neither of us are chefs or have been trained at all. Though Abby has worked as a waitress in the past, and JP is known to be a pretty god-damn good home chef (it's my blog, I can make up lies and talk in the 3rd person if I want to), and we watch tons of Food Network, Top Chef, and anything Bourdain, we wanted to share our experiences and opinions on the many fine restaurants (Per Se, for example) and many hidden hole in the walls (i.e. Taco Loco) we've been lucky to have dined.

Along with restaurant reviews, we'll include our own favorite recipes and also expand out to another passion of ours : booze.

In the end, we just hope to be amusing to our family and friends, maybe be of some assistance to someone looking for a restaurant review on the web, and basically just have fun doing this.