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Myers and Chang Date Night


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The wife and I didn't feel like cooking Monday night, and it was our 6-month-i-versary, so we decided to make it a date night at Myers + Chang. We haven't been here in a while (you can read my review here) and have been saying that we'd hit up the date night one Monday or Tuesday night, so this was the night.

We got seated at the bar (the best spot in the house) where we were able to watch the chefs at work. I started with a beer and we decided to try to take some artistic pics.

Date night at Myers+Chang is a $40 per couple set dinner menu. There are a few different menu types, but we chose with the "blind date" option, meaning it was up to the chef to pick our plates. Who would know better on what to pick than Chef Chang herself? What came out was a bargain. (Really, it was 5 dishes and white rice, but it definitely was a bargain.)

First was a plate of pickled veggies (cauliflower, beats, cabbage to name a few) and an edemame salad. The pickles had some heat and the edemame had a very flavorful sauce that I thought was some sort of fish sauce but was really rice wine vinegar and sugar.

A salmon dish came out next on a bed of rice. The salmon was cooked perfectly and seasoned wonderfully.

Finally we got the famous tea smoked ribs along with wok roasted brussell sprouts. The ribs were falling off the bone and had a wonderful savory and sweet flavor. The brussell sprouts, and item I normally don't like, had nice color and some heat to it.

All in all, a wonderful, perfect date meal. Chef Chang even came over to ask us how everything was. This seems to happen everytime we dine at her restaurant, but it's probably because we sit at the bar in front of her kitchen instead of her actually remembering who we are. I highly recommend the Monday/Tuesday date night option at Myers+Chang. It really is quite a bargain (saving about $16 or so if you ordered the plates on their own) and it's the perfect amount of food for 2 people to share. And if you do go, sit at the bar and give Chef Chang our best.


Remind me to take my camera the next time I go out to dinner. You have tons of great shots! Love the idea of the blind date menu too :)