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A few more links to pass along. (The first two are from fellow bloggers that you readers should check out. Their links were hidden in the comment section, so I figured they should be brought out.)


Grub Street is a great food blog with the latest in all NYC restaurant happenings:

This site just cracks my shit up! Watch the youtube video and start laughing.

One of the best web-comic around. Look up in their archive for the Armadeaddon series. Incredible, especially if you grew up on role playing games and video games like I did.

In Boston, there are really only two radio stations to listen to: WERS and WFNX. The former is a public radio station for Emerson College. The latter is the only alternative rock station in Boston. The morning guys at WFNX get me through my morning commute every day. Funny, nerdy, incoherent...so much better than any other morning show in Boston. Check out their website:


Thanks for the kind words. If you like to attend the Holiday Hootenanny on 12/23 shoot me an email - specialed at wfnx dot com


Thanks for the shoutout! Enjoy reading your site very much :)